Tappers and Pointers Elegance Collection Navy Lace Leotard 3/4 Length Sleeved ELE/5

Product code: ELE/1 Black


Tappers and Pointers Elegance Collection Leotard 3/4 length sleeved leotard with curved neckline with lace over cotton and full lace back.  Double fronted and gussett lined WITH GUSSETT POPPERS.  (perfect to use as a fashion item)

Perfect style for all dance classes and UK-made in a range of colours

Fabric Material: Cotton Lycra and Contour Lace

Size 1 (6-8 Yrs) 2 (9-10 Yrs) 3A (11-12 Yrs) 3 (UK Size 10-12 Yrs) 4 (UK Size 12-14 Yrs) 5 (UK Size 14-16) 6 (UK Size 16-18)

Colours: Black and Navy                                                                                                 

Brand: Tappers and Pointers

Product: ELE/5 Navy with poppers


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Product Code ELE/1 Black